Lighting Control

Luminex Luminode 12

LumiNode 12 is the ideal full 19” rack unit that offers you the highest density of DMX/RDM ports on the market 16 processing engines and 12 DMX ports Full 19” high density rack unit • 12 x DMX/RDM 5-pin connector, fully isolated • 1 x RGB LED per DMX/RDM port for activity indication • 2

Proplex Opto-Splitter 2×8 RDM

Version available with full RDM functionality, or DMX-only. Mini PortableMount versions available with full RDM functionality, wired or wireless, or DMX-only. RackMount units feature two DMX inputs individually switchable between 4 or 8 isolated outputs. DMX regeneration feature on some DMX models overcomes DMX signal problems. ProPlex “Blue Box” rugged, tour ready enclosures: RackMount and PortableMount.

Luminex LumiSplit 1.6

LumiSplit 1.6 is the smaller truss-mounted version of the LumiSplit 2.10. Armed with advanced RDM features, the 1.6 splitter will give you a whole new perspective on Remote Device Management. Because the new boosters are now visible and configurable from any RDM controller, they enable technicians to manage and configure their devices and fixtures like never

Luminex GigaCore 14R

The GigaCore 14R is a Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations. Managed through a web interface, the device offers a user friendly experience with an industry specific oriented interface. Fitted with two SFP cages, the switch can support any compliant fiber transceiver, breaking the limit of copper

100M 3-Line + 16A + RJ45 

This multi comes equipped with 3X hard lines of DMX, a 16A feed and RJ45 for running Art-net or any required network service

120m Dual Fibreconn Multi + 16A + Comms

For use with net switches that have fibre capabilities, including our very own Gigacore 10 switches from Luminex. 120M Multi comes with a 16A feed, 3-Pin XLR for Comms, and 2 Fibre’s, 1 + Spare

Avolites Truss Buffer 6 x 5 Pin 

Avolites DMX splitters will buffer, multiply, isolate and protect console DMX outputs. The device operates from any AC mains voltage ( 85 to 265v ) with a robust 2 amp internal power supply. Standard units have DMX in, DMX loop out, Terminate On switch and LED, plus additional Power and Data LED’s. The Truss splitter