Zero 88 Alpha Pack 3-Way DMX Dimmer

Alphapack 3 is a three channel portable dimmer unit, which can be safely secured to a vertical or horizontal bar by adding a standard clamp onto one of two new m10 mounting positions, or attached to a wall with the use of an additional mounting bracket (sold seperately). One of our most popular dimmers, the

Anytronics Pro Dim 10 Single Channel 10A DMX

The perfect Single-Channel dimming solution. Portable 10A dimming/switching pack with CEE form input and outputs Internal 0-25% preheat control Setting for use with electronic fluorescent ballasts Selectable 1 second fade rate for soft start operation Suitable for wall mounting, pole mounting or free standing use Optional emergency lighting terminal Push button outstations available Optional DMX

Anytronics Quad Dim 4 x 10A DMX 

The perfect portable 4-Channel dimming solution. 4 Channels of dimming or zero voltage switching at 10A per channel 32A CEE input & 4 x 16A CEE outputs at rear of case Suitable for incandescent, inductive & dimmable electronic transformers Local slider control or optional DMX / analogue control Adjustable 0-25% preheat Robust portable package