Zero 88 Alpha Pack 3-Way DMX Dimmer

Alphapack 3 is a three channel portable dimmer unit, which can be safely secured to a vertical or horizontal bar by adding a standard clamp onto one of two new m10 mounting positions, or attached to a wall with the use of an additional mounting bracket (sold seperately). One of our most popular dimmers, the

Anytronics Pro Dim 10 Single Channel 10A DMX

The perfect Single-Channel dimming solution. Portable 10A dimming/switching pack with CEE form input and outputs Internal 0-25% preheat control Setting for use with electronic fluorescent ballasts Selectable 1 second fade rate for soft start operation Suitable for wall mounting, pole mounting or free standing use Optional emergency lighting terminal Push button outstations available Optional DMX

Anytronics Quad Dim 4 x 10A DMX 

The perfect portable 4-Channel dimming solution. 4 Channels of dimming or zero voltage switching at 10A per channel 32A CEE input & 4 x 16A CEE outputs at rear of case Suitable for incandescent, inductive & dimmable electronic transformers Local slider control or optional DMX / analogue control Adjustable 0-25% preheat Robust portable package

Avolites Powercube Dimmer 63A 3ph

A complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box! The compact box with proven Art 2000 technology is quick to set up. It boasts 12 dimmer circuits@10amp each, 6 combined dimmer and fixed mains. Tech Spec Dimmer and distribution channels- 10A C type ABB breakers Distribution channels 16A C type ABB breakers (5-10x

Avolites Art 2000 24 Way T2 Rack Dimmer Kit 

This dimmer is a ready-to-roll compact dimming system and distro panel, ideal for small tours or locations requiring distributed dimming over a large area. 
It features a variety of mains input options, including CEE, Camloc or Powerlock with loop outs if required. The optional integrated hotpatch offers a total of 72 outputs, patched to either Harting

Avolites Art 2000 48 Way T4 Rack Dimmer Kit 

Providing a complete solution to Dimming and Moving Light Power distribution. No need to have separate mains distribution making set up times faster and lowering the number of individual components needed to put a show together.The ART 2000 controls up to 48 individual channels using four plug in modules of 12 channels each.– a 16amp