Sundrax Artnet to 8 Universe DMX Node 

One of the newest in our fleet of Art-Net – DMX Nodes.

Rack mount bidirectional DMX512-Ethernet converter, splitter, booster, intelligent merger. Supports wide range of network protocols for DMX data transmission: ArtNet I,II,III,4, sACN draft/release, KiNet v1,v2, RTTrPL.

Various merging modes available: HTP, LTP, Auto, Priority, Backup, Trigger, XFade (see Merging options). Able to merge up to 4 incoming ArtNet/sACN/KiNet/RTTrPL streams in any combination into DMX512 output for perfect show backup. All DMX ports may be used as inputs or outputs. Can be managed by web interface, ArtGate utility, or any standard software supporting ArtNet. Available as 16-port device or with fibre optic link.


  • Transmit more DMX streams with less cables
  • Lighting control and management through single network
  • Convert mapped video content from mapping software into DMX streams
  • Ensure interfacing between modern stage lighting software and DMX lighting
  • Real-time control of video projectors and laser units supporting ArtNet or sACN from DMX console

Key Features

  • Up to 8 DMX512 ports (XLR5)
  • 1 Ethernet port (EtherCON)
  • PoE support
  • Natural heat convection, no fans or coolers, no vent slots – full protection from dust and smoke increases product lifetime
  • Maximum surge protection – power supply optimized for voltage from 100 to 315 V
  • Full galvanic isolation of all ports
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Simple user-friendly web interface
  • Configurable DMX port direction
  • Configurable parameters of DMX signal
  • Support network protocols: ArtNet I,II,III,4, sACN draft/release, KiNet v1,v2, RTTrPL
  • Variable merging options: HTP, LTP, Auto, Priority, Backup, Trigger, XFade. Merged data may be outputted to physical DMX ports, and/or looped back to Ethernet as new network universe
  • Full RDM E1.20 support (controller/responder)
  • Static scenes (presets) stored in non-volatile memory
  • Ability to work as standalone splitter/merger
  • Minimum loading time, fastest recovery after short power failure
  • Master IP that never gets lost

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Product: Sundrax Artnet to 8 Universe DMX Node