Sennheiser RF Paddle A 2003 Direction

Mounts on standard microphone stand Suitable for use as transmitting antenna with Sennheiser SR 300, SR 3054, SR 3056 IEM transmitters Suitable for use with EM 3031-U, EM 3032-U, EM 3532-U, EM 1046-U, EM 1031-U, and all stationary evolution wireless receivers

AKG C1000 S Condenser Microphone

The versatility of the C 1000 S makes this an extremely popular model, and one ideally suited for all kinds of recording and live sound applications. If no phantom power is available, the mic can be powered by a standard 9 V battery, making it perfect for mobile use. With its new battery monitoring electronics,

Rode M5 Condenser Microphone

Designed and made in Australia, the M5 is a compact ½” cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response. A result of many years’ experience building the award-winning NT5 microphone, RØDE has succeeded in making a high-quality ‘pencil’ style permanently polarized condenser that will impress even the most demanding of artists and

Shure SM58 Microphone

Legendary cardioid vocal microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. The product includes a stand adapter, brightened mid-range and bass roll-off, a pneumatic shock mount system, and a built-in spherical wind and pop filter. Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound

Shure Beta 87A Microphone

Vocal microphone provides warm, accurate sound. It features high SPL capability and controlled low-frequency roll-off to compensate for proximity effect. Provides low susceptibility to RFI and a shock-mount system to absorb shocks and handling noise. Smooth frequency response with gradual presence rise Highly consistent supercardioid polar pattern provides superior gain-before-feedback Electronic low-frequency roll-off compensates for

Sennheiser EW300 G3 Radio Mic Receive Kit 4-Way

Our 4-way and 8-way Sennheiser G4 radio mic systems are supplied racked and ready to use. The receivers are rack mounted in a good quality flightcase complete with an antenna splitter and power supply. Our value systems have an open-back on the case, with front mounted aerials and an XLR loom and power supply at

Behringer S16 Digital Stagebox 16:8

Digital Stagebox With 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs AES50 network (Klark Teknik) Up to 100m of networking capability via CAT-5e cable (not included in delivery) 7-segment LED displays Direct P-16 Monitor port Dual ADAT outputs MIDI In/Output USB connector for system updates via PC Format: 19″ / 2HE Mounting depth: 21 cm Distance of the

Soundcraft EPM6 Mixer, 6 Mono, 4 Stereo

The emphasis with the Soundcraft EPM is very firmly on quality build and audio performance, with an easy to understand control surface uncluttered by unnecessary facilities, and Soundcraft have brought new technologies and ideas to this very cost-effective range. Surface mount technology is used throughout, using close-tolerance components for high accuracy and repeatable settings for

Soundcraft M12 Mixer, 12 Mono, 4 Stereo

In a world full of cheap compact mixers, Soundcraft has achieved something exceptional with the Soundcraft M Series. Equally suited to recording and live sound applications, the Soundcraft M Series delivers a great-sounding, reliable performance, session after session, mix after mix. A mixer for life. Even before you plug in a Soundcraft M Series mixer