Robe Robin LED Beam 100

Robe’s super fast ROBIN® LED Beam 100 is the ultimate effects lighting tool. A highly optimized motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement, three LED zones allow the creation of various colour chases, and the extra punchy 7 degree beam angle can be amplified with fast strobing. Simplified control via pre-programmed of colours, colour

Robe Robin Pointe

It’s very bright and super-fast with a sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air and across video with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. Tight or at full 20 degree zoom, the output is crystal clear and brilliant.

Studio Due WS200

Available in Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Amber, Warm White IP 67 Rated LED Fixture Powered by 16A Cable – Max power 100W

Clay Paky Mythos 2

Mythos 2 features a new and reliable Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp, which ensures the extraordinary performances that have made the success of MYTHOS worldwide. Mythos 2 is an excellent spotlight, which produces an outstanding large light beam, featuring a zoom that ranges from 4° to 50° (1:12 ratio).Light beam is sharp, with perfectly defined

Clay Paky Scenius Spot

Scenius is the new moving head spotlight at the top of the Clay Paky range. Its advanced optical unit and the new 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide a much higher light output than with previous generation 1500W lamps. Thanks to its wide 8°-48° zoom, Scenius is perfect for every use. A modern focus tracking system concentrates

ARRI 650w Fresnel Black

Supplied with trigger clamp, safety bond, barn doors, colour frame and spare lamp. The 650W Plus Fresnel from Arri features smooth focusing, and a bright, even beam. The beam angle in the flood position is 52°, and a narrow 14.5° in the spot position. This light is available individually or in portable kits. This fixture

Studio Due WS100

Available in Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Amber, Warm White IP 67 Rated LED Fixture Powered by 16A Cable – Max power 50W


Black wool serge drapes come in various sizes. It is inherently flame retardant and as such is certified to BS5867. Certificates available on request. Sizes in stock: 3m x 3m / 10ft x 10ft 4.5m x 4.5m / 15ft x 15ft 6.1m x 4m / 20ft x 13ft 8m x 4m / 25ft x 13ft

Color Block DB4 5 Way Kit

One Fixture, Endless Solutions. The Color Block DB4 5 way kit has a modular design and a comprehensive range of fixing options that allows users to easily create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type – including battens, blinders and various mounting configurations using the built in fixing. SPECIFICATIONS A (no fixings):