Look Solutions Unique 2.0/2.1

DMX as standard, variable output and haze density, minimal warming up time, easy handling, very low fluid consumption – these are only some of the features of the UNIQUE 2.0 + 2.1. The sound could be absorbed tremendously. Thus, the machine can be used in fields of operation where any sound is undesirable.  Due to

Martin JEM ZR-44 Hi Mass Smoke

The Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass™ is a reliable and highly efficient fogger capable of precise fog delivery from subtle to massive. Ideal for a variety of settings from small venues to huge stadiums and arenas, it features advanced technology for top-quality performance, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility. Features 3 &

UV Cannon

Our powerful 400W UV cannon will fill a variety of venues with an outstanding UV glow. The unit has been specially designed to house a 400W blacklight lamp and also features a protective front grille and hanging bracket. This high output fixture will transform any event, club, bowling alley or stage by creating a wide

Studio Due Space Flower

The Studio Due Space Flower 3000 is a super bright, easy to use space flower architectural light which can be seen up to 7km away in overcast conditions. Featuring a 3kW discharge lamp, 150 degrees of pan, shutter and 3 circles of rays. Tilt is adjustable manually. Pan angle, and other options can be adjusted

Showtec Sunstrip MK ll

The Sunstrip Active DMX MKII is a powerful device and the successor to the popular Showtec Sunstrip Active. For added flexibility and the option of more application usages, a selection of DMX modes can be chosen from: 1 channel, 2 channels, 5 channels and 10 channels. For stand-alone applications, the Sunstrip Active is equipped with

Martin Atomic 3000

The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe. The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe. The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash

Phillips Showline Nitro 510C RGBW

The Showline SL NITRO 510C RGB & W LED strobe follows the success of the original SL NITRO 510 as it provides high output white along with RGB capabilities in the same compact luminaire. 120° beam angle. >50,000 lumens. Six independent zones. Separate white emitters deliver a true white strobe effect without compromising performance. Unlimited

Robe Light-Dome 1200

LightDome 1200™ The Robe LightDome 1200 enables Robe 700/1200 AT Series fixtures to be used in outdoors installations in any type of weather. It is made from special transparent non-flamable PVC-P film, with an IP 43 protection factor. All the effects of the Robe fixture inside can be used as normal. Back-UPS holds the dome

Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K10

AThe A.leda B-EYE K10 is a high performance wash light, a breathtaking beam light, and a creator of completely new spectacular visual effects. Its unparalleled versatility makes it an extremely interesting creative tool for all lighting designers.The B-EYE is first and foremost an excellent quality wash light. It is able to wash surfaces with colors

Robe LED Wash 1200

The super-slim ROBIN® 1200 LEDWash features 61 RGBW multichip LEDs with colour output ranging from gentle pastels to the richest saturation. Arranged in 4 concentric rings these LEDs offer unique possibilities for creating stunning colour and pattern audience blinding and eye candy effects as well as for providing comprehensive and perfectly even wash coverage. This