Luminex DMX 8 MK I (Artnet to 8 Universe DMX Node)

The Ethernet-DMX8 MkI is an Ethernet node that serves 8 x DMX512
outlets, compatible with the following protocols: DMX512, DMX512-A,
RDM (ANSI E1.20), sACN (ANSI E1.31) and Art-Net™.
All 8 outlets can be used as input or output. The Ethernet links are
100BaseTx connections on shielded Neutrik RJ45 Ethercon connectors.
All configuration can be done over Ethernet through a built in website, or
the front panel display.
This all comes in a 19” unit high metal housing for the Ethernet-DMX8
MkI. The Ethernet-DMX8/Truss MkI comes in a rugged truss mountable
metal housing with two M10 inserts. This enclosure allows to use the node
in a truss, on a wall or as a table top device.

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Product: Luminex DMX 8 MK I (Artnet to 8 Universe DMX Node)