Black wool serge drapes come in various sizes. It is inherently flame retardant and as such is certified to BS5867. Certificates available on request.

Sizes in stock:

3m x 3m / 10ft x 10ft

4.5m x 4.5m / 15ft x 15ft

6.1m x 4m / 20ft x 13ft

8m x 4m / 25ft x 13ft

6.71m x 6.71m / 22ft x 22ft

4.44m x 2.45m / 14ft x 8ft

Truss Borders

6.3m x 600 drop / 20.6ft x 1.96ft

6.3m x 500 drop / 20.6ft x 1.64ft


6m x 1m / 20ft x 3.2ft

6m x 600mm / 20ft x 1.96ft


2.5m x 6.71m / 8ft x 22ft – Ties across the top

1.4m x 3.8m / 4.59ft x 12.46ft – Ties across top and one side

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Product: Drapes