Prolyte MP Tower MPT-004 Base Section

The tower base is a steel component which is the base part of your tower system. It has 4 transportwheels underneath to make transport easier. The unit has to be used with short or long outriggers to transfer the force from the tower into the ground. These Outriggers are also available to hire from us!

Proplex Opto-Splitter 2×8 RDM

Version available with full RDM functionality, or DMX-only. Mini PortableMount versions available with full RDM functionality, wired or wireless, or DMX-only. RackMount units feature two DMX inputs individually switchable between 4 or 8 isolated outputs. DMX regeneration feature on some DMX models overcomes DMX signal problems. ProPlex “Blue Box” rugged, tour ready enclosures: RackMount and PortableMount.

Luminex LumiSplit 1.6

LumiSplit 1.6 is the smaller truss-mounted version of the LumiSplit 2.10. Armed with advanced RDM features, the 1.6 splitter will give you a whole new perspective on Remote Device Management. Because the new boosters are now visible and configurable from any RDM controller, they enable technicians to manage and configure their devices and fixtures like never

Luminex GigaCore 14R

The GigaCore 14R is a Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations. Managed through a web interface, the device offers a user friendly experience with an industry specific oriented interface. Fitted with two SFP cages, the switch can support any compliant fiber transceiver, breaking the limit of copper

Clay Paky HY B-Eye K15

HYper Power of Evolution: The new LEDwash benchmark The B-EYE has revolutionized the way we think of LED show lighting. Its innovative optical unit enhances the uniformity and efficiency of the light output. The rotating front lens and the possibility to control each single LED individually have made spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye candy effectspossible. A sophisticated

Milos Ladder Truss

Milos BTB Straight Step Truss 500 – 4000 mm Ladder Truss Ladder Truss, Straight Truss for Exhibition Stand, Weddings and Stage trussing The Milos M290 truss is made of 50mm alu-pipe with a thickness of 2mm and 16mm braces. This is the most used construction system for clubs, stages, theatres and suitable for many more applications.

American DJ Entour Snow

Part of the ADJ Entour Series of atmospherics, the Entour Snow is a high-output snow machine designed for professional installation and touring applications. The machine is capable of projecting imitation snow upwards to a distance of up to 10m and outwards across a distance of up to 12m, making this unit ideal for large venues

Equinox Avalanche Snow Machine

Designed for large events, the Avalanche from Equinox utilises a large, high output fan to project the snow flakes up to 10 metres to 12 metres into the air. Adjustable output, controllable from either the supplied wired remote control or on board DMX. Supplied complete with custom designed flight case for protection during transportation. The