Festive Lighting

From huge reindeers and winter wonderlands to high street lighting and dramatic aerial lighting DPL Production Lighting have the technology, the creativity and the ability to create the right festive lighting effects for every client.

The DPL Production Lighting designers love nothing more than creating magical creative lighting for festive occasions. Imaginations run wild, extensive lighting experience comes to the force and the results are truly breathtaking.  The Oxford Dictionary definition of festive includes the words cheerful and jovially celebratory – which is precisely the way the DPL team treat all of their festive lighting design projects.

While DPL hold a huge portfolio of festive lighting projects to demonstrate their expertise here are a few listed below. Contact us to find out more about these projects and discover how DPL can create magical festive lighting for your venue.

Bespoke Internal and External Shopping Centre Lighting Design

– clients include Bluewater Shopping Centre and Torchwood Shopping Centre

Bespoke External Winter Wonderland Lighting

– clients include Leeds Castle and Festival of Christmas, Portsmouth Navy base

Christmas & Festive Lighting for High Street Retailers Press Launches

– clients include Marks & Spencers and Spitalfields Market

Festive Lighting Special Projects

– clients include Richmond Event Management and Fuzzwire

Festive Last Words….from Darren Parker, Managing Director:

“Our expertise and knowledge of Festive Lighting schemes is constantly developing as we continually invest in new LED technology. Our experienced lighting designers and production managers will assist you at every stage with the planning of your scheme and we’ll always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Contact us to talk though your requirements – festive does not have to be just about Christmas – DPL can create amazing Valentine lighting schemes, Easter themed lighting displays and Halloween lighting creations – whatever the festivity DPL Lighting will create a celebration atmosphere!”