Tracey Curtis

Name:    Tracey Curtis

Title:       Accounts Manager

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1. Describe DPL Production Lighting in one sentence.

A great dedicated team.

2. Best part of your job?

I love that there are so many different aspects to my job and I am not always doing the same thing!

3. Worst part of your job?

Making Coffee!

4. Best event you have ever worked on?

I don’t leave the office and work on site so the only event I work on is the Christmas Party 🙂 and its brilliant!!

5. Celebrities you have met?

Heather from Eastenders.

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6. Favourite song and/or album?

James Blunt – All of his songs!

7. How would your senior school sports teacher have described you?

I have no idea I was never there!

8. Favourite saying/phrase

OH MY GOD!!!!!