Starlette Fresnel 2KW

Starlette Fresnel 2KW

The Starlett Fresnell is a high performance rugged unit with a wide range of beam angles from its 150mm (6″) lens coupled with a soft-edged beam is ideal for all ‘on-stage’ work.

The lead screw focus control is very accurate and smooth – and as the drive is external, no special lubrication is necessary.

A hinged bottom tray, which ejects the CEE connector, allows easy access for lamp changing and the plug can be kept next to the lantern by passing the cable through the rear handle.

The control of focusing is both accurate and jolt-free (saving filament life) because of the protected, worm-drive, lead-screw system. The change between 1000W and 1200W lamps is achieved by releasing two screws, re-positioning the lamp-tray plate, then locking in the new position.

All lantern accessories are retained by a hinged door in the colour runners and may be released simply by depressing a spring catch. Colour frame cassettes can be positioned for either top, bottom, or side mounting as required.

Starlette yokes have two height adjustments,  All lanterns are fitted with an integral wire mesh or safety glass screen

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