Source Four 750W profile (10 degree lens)

Source Four 750W Profile – 10 Degree Lens

Maximum brightness, maximum field-angle flexibility.  With Source Four 750W Profiles you only need one fixture for a variety of field angles. Plus, Source Four Zoom makes it easy: ETC’s patented one-handed zoom operation makes adjustments quick, simple and safe. Technicians can focus with one hand and hold the ladder with the other.

• Rugged, die cast aluminum construction
• Rotating shutter assembly ±25˚
• 20 gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane assembly
• Interchangeable lens tubes with smooth–running teflon guides provide nine user-fit field angle options
• Thermally insulated rear handle
• High impact, thermally insulated knobs and shutter handles
• Two accessory slots and a top mounted, gel frame retainer
• Steel yoke with two mounting positions
• Positive locking single-clutch fixture body
• Slot for glass or stainless steel patterns
• Wide accessory slot with sliding cover for motorized pattern devices or optional iris
• Re-optimized optical system for improved photometric performance and field uniformity
• Faceted borosilicate reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating removes greater than 90% infrared radiation (heat) and reflects greater than 95% of visible light
• Reflector secured with anti-vibration shock mounts
• Micro-groove plastic fresnel lens
• Lens(es) secured with anti-vibration shock mounts
• Tool free, positive locking X, Y and Z lamp centering adjustments, unaffected by relamping
• Beam edge continually adjustable hard-to-soft


You may also be interested to read more about Source 4 750W profiles (36, 26 or 19 degree lens) and Source 4 Junior Zoom 25 ~50 degree – also available to hire from DPL Production Lighting

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