Hippotizer Critter media server kit

With the HippoCritter Rackmount, you can do everything you can do with its bigger brothers. If you only need to run 4 video layers and you don’t need dual/pan output or HD media then the HippoCritter Rackmount might be the solution for your project.

You get built-in Media encoding, full Timeline capabilities, full effects banks, and over 35 components, all without compromise. And because the HippoCritter Rackmount supports full HippoNet functionality it will integrate fully into any project big or small.

The HippoCritter Rackmount retains all the engine elements so you’ll still get rich media playback up to a resolution of 720 x 576 and our highly acclaimed frame-blending too. You also get the addition of built in composite video capture functionality.

Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut? The HippoCritter packs a punch without hitting your budget.


Selected technical specifications, for the full spec please download the pdf file below.

  • Single output 1280 x 720
  • Class leading video playback and real-time rendering
  • 4 media layers (+4 mask layers)
  • PixelMapper with unrestricted number of output universes
  • Map to the most complex screen setups using the RegionMapper and the award winning VideoMapper
  • 1U rackmount case
  • Optional patch panel for professional connections

Project Details

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