72 Way Socapex power distribution

72 Way Socapex power distribution racks

DPL recommend the 72 Way Socapex distribution racks for those looking for versatile, safe and reliable distribution systems for concert touring, TV and other large scale events. Each of the 72 circuits (78 if you include the 6 x local 16A outlets) is protected by its own RCBO which greatly increases supply integrity compared to the overall RCD protection systems that are currently available within the industry. DPL have added some inspired modifications to the 72 Way Socapex distribution racks in the way additional 3 phase outlets, 1 at 32A and 1 at 63A and both of these outlets are protected by variable RCDs to allow the planning of discrimination. To find out more by complete our contact us form or Tel: +44 (0) 1268 732299

The 72 Way Socapex distribution racks from DPL include the following features:-
 RCBO Protection (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent)
 400A isolator
 Digital current metering
 LED rack lights front and back (selectable blue or white)
 Powerlock – in and through connectors
 6 x 16A local connectors
 Outlets for 32A and 63A three phase
 2 x USB outlets
DPL Production Lighting are pleased to be able to offer 72 Way Socapex distribution racks for hire. As with all their equipment hire inventory DPL only offer the best equipment to the event and entertainment industry.
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