New Stock at DPL Production Lighting - 18x 8w RGBW LED MTC-Batten2

RGBW Infinite colour mixing in up to 18 sections with Miltec's MTC-Batten2

LED Batten DPL Production LightingThe lightweight but robust LED batten is an incredibly in demand fixture and can be put to use in a wide variety of applications. The unit is fitted with 18x 8W quadcolour LEDs, PowerCon in and out connectors, 5-pin XLRs and a versatile hanging bracket.  Multiple operating modes allows for designs as as simple 4-channel control up to full pixel mapping of each LED for stunning visual effects.  There is an optional extra of a barn-door type reflector, which allows the Batten2 to be used as a cyclorama wash up to 6m plus. DPL Production Lighting hire have the battens out to hire for 2 small Fashion shows during their first week on stock but they are so versatile, we see them as having endless applications such as Outdoor stages/Festivals, Conferences, Dinners, Live Music venues, TV Studios & Art Galleries - there will be others we haven't thought of yet!

Technical Data

LED diameter: 18x 8w RGBW
Output distance: 20 meters, Angle: 35 degree (+-5 degree)
Total power: 144W Lifetime: 30 to 50 thousand hours
Universal power: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Powercon (Blue and white) & 5pin XLRs
Control model: DMX512 with 4 modes
4ch RGBW
5ch RGBW and dimmer
7ch RGBW, dimmer, strobe and macro
72ch RGBWx 18
Optional Extra MTC-Batten2BD
Barn door kit for washing cycloramas and flats 5m+
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