LanBox Interface and LCXi to launch at Pro Light & Sound, Frankfurt 10th-13th April.

LanBox Interface from DPL Production Lighting LanBox LCXi from DPL Production Lighting LanBox-LCXi-GPIO from DPL Production Lighting
LanBox-LCXi from DPL Production Lighting LanBox-LCXi-Power LanBox-LCXi-Main-connections - DPL Production Lighting
The LanBox Interface is the stylish controller that operates alongside the new LCXi extended standalone DMX controller. LanBox Products have been developing advanced standalone controllers for the event and installation industry since 1996. The LCE and LCM controllers followed the original LC controller in 2002. The LCX is currently the best selling LanBox product and is widely recognised as one of the most versatile standalone controllers available today. The Interface and LCXi are the two new members of the LanBox product range. The LCXi is a dedicated standalone controller for lights (and more) as well as featuring a great number of analogue inputs and outputs, RS232-outputs, MIDI and DMX input merger and a DMX output. The Interface is the physical controller that allows you to easily control the LCXi. The LCXi is a 19” rack-mount ready 1HE controller, which we have developed due to the ever increasing number of requests we have had for a rack-mount ready controller. It also features a dedicated outlet for easily connecting multiple LanBox Interfaces, carrying power and two DMX signals over a single Cat5e cable. The LanBox Interface is a stylish and small physical interface that can be used to control the LCX and the new LCXi stand-alone DMX controllers. The Interface has nine push buttons that are housed in a solid housing made from machined aluminum. The housing is a touch sensitive button as well, bringing the amount of buttons to ten. All nine push buttons have an individually controllable rgb LED light. The LanBox Interface is designed for restaurants, bars, offices, small venues and home environments. You can easily add labels and program the function of every button and LED light of the Interface, making the LanBox Interface both a versatile and stylish product You are invited to visit Fischer Vertriebsgesellschaft, the German distributor of LanBox Products at booth E92, Hall 9 at the Pro Light and Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, April 10 to 13 or contact our UK distributor, DPL Production Lighting directly on 01268 73 22 99. Lanbox Website