KV2 Audio

EX10 – Active High Resolution Speaker System

The EX10 is a very compact 2-way, high-output, full range active speaker system. Despite its 10″ woofer and remarkably small footprint it successfully takes on many larger 12″ models and is favored by audio visual and rental companies all over the world for its sheer quality and tremendous output. On-board electronics ensure fast, easy set up and complete control with electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization and speaker protection integrated into the EX10’s amplifier module.


Specifically designed for high quality, high output multi-tasking, portable music playback and live performance in small applications

  • Full range stand-alone solution or scalable to larger capabilities with subwoofers for large conference, meetings and small to medium performance venues
  • Multi-purpose fixed installations
  • Personal monitoring
  • Infill for larger main KV2 Audio systems

EX2.2 – Active Bass Module

The EX2.2 is a double 12″, compact, active subwoofer system. On- board electronics include a stereo crossover with high pass outputs and full overdrive protection. Featuring KV2 Audio’s switching amplifier technology, precision manufactured woofer designs and a high efficiency, twin chamber acoustic design, the EX2.2 delivers tight, fast, controlled bass response at very high output levels from a small cabinet footprint.