Green Hippo - HippoCritter

HippoCritter to hire from DPL Production LightingThe HippoCritter Rackmount, does pretty much everything it's big brothers can do, and if all you need to run are 4 video layers and you don't need dual/pan output or HD media then maybe the HippoCritter Rackmount is the solution for your project (and budget!)
With built-in Media encoding, full Timeline capabilities, full effects banks, and over 35 components, all without compromise! The HippoCritter Rackmount also supports full HippoNet functionality, so it will integrate fully into any project, regardless of the scale. It also retains all of the engine elements so you'll still get rich media playback up to a resolution of 720 x 576 and Green Hippo's highly acclaimed frame-blending too. You also get the addition of built in composite video capture functionality.
Don’t let the size of the HippoCritter fool you -  it boasts a feature set unrivalled in such an affordable package. A built in composite input and rugged industrial chassis means
HippoCritter will work harder for your event than any other compact server available today.
The option of a custom patch panel provides professional connections and flexible racking configurations. Unlimited PixelMapper universes and a suite of related software tools
also make HippoCritter a phenomenal DMX mapping solution at an affordable price.
At DPL Production Lighting you can hire a HippoCritter for £435 + VAT per week - this includes a ready rack-mounted critter, complete with keyboard and all the accessories you'll need to plug it it and use it (AND a spare rack-mounted unit with accessories) You might find this cheaper  - but double check that our competitors prices include accessories, a rackmounted unit . . AND a spare before you decide which is the best value!