Gemma Robinson

Name:         Gemma Robinson

Job Title:   Reindeer Technician and Office Admin


1. Describe DPL Production Lighting in one sentence.

Creative, innovative and fresh.

2. Best part of your job?

It is flexible, fun (reindeer), I’m constantly learning new things, and working with great people.

3. Worst part of your job?

Having gloss paint stuck on my hands, face and hair for weeks on end.

4. Best event you have ever worked on?

Bluewater Reindeer prep

5. Celebrities you have met?

Joe Tracini – Dennis savage from hollyoaks

Charlie Wernham – Robbie roscoe hollyoaks

6. Favourite song and/or album?

All things Disney

7. How would your senior school sports teacher have described you?

Absent, I never went.

8. Favourite saying/phrase

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.