Essex Lighting Hire


SuperKORRIGAN Vari-Lite VL3000 robin_1200_ledwash_white
tigertouch copy liteware-ho-white 650w fresnel


VariLite Logo DPL Production Lighting Robe Logo - DPL Production Lighting Limited Martin Logo DPL Production Lighting

Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot

Robe 1200AT Spot

Robe 700AT Spot

Robe Robin 1200 LED Wash

Mac 250 Entour

Mac 2000 Wash

Mac 301 LED Wash

Mac 250 Beam


Chroma Q DPL Production Lighting Studio Due DPL Production Lighitng GDS LiteWare HO DPL Production Lighting

Pixel Par 44 IP65 (Cree LED Version)

Color Punch LED IP65

Color Block DB4 5 way kit

Studio Due LED 600

GDS HO Wireless LED Uplighter (Kit of 6)

LED Par 64

Miltec MTC Batten2 18 x 8w RGBW LED Batten


HIgh End Systems DPL Production Lighting Avolites - DPL Production Lighting Zero 88 DPL Production Lighting

Full Boar 4

Road Hog Full Boar

Road Hog Full Boar Playback wing c/w superwidget

Whole Hog IPC Kit

Pearl Expert control desk kit

Pearl 2008 tour control desk

Pearl Tiger control desk

Zero 88 Jester 12/24ch memory DMX desk kit

Zero 88 Juggler 12ch DMX desk kit

Zero 88 Level 6 DMX desk


Green Hippo DPL Production Lighting Chroma Q DPL Production Lighting

Hippotizer Critter media server kit

Colour Web 125 – 1m square panel 64 cells


ETC Source 4 DPL Production Lighting

Source 4 750W profile (Either 36, 26 or 19 degree lens)

Source 4 750W profile (10 degree lens)

Source 4 Junior Zoom 25 – 50 degree zoom

Supplied with colour frame, hook clamp & bond. Iris & Gobo holders available for all S4 profiles


Arri Fresnel DPL Production Lighting hire Starlette & Minuette Fresnels DPL Production Lighting hire

Starlette Fresnel 2kW

Source 4 Parnel 750W

Minuette Fresnel 500W

Arri Fresnel 1000W

Arri Fresnel 650W

Supplied with barn door, colour frame, hook clamp & bond


Thomas Pars DPL Production Lighting hire

6 lamp bar black par 64 – CP60, CP61, CP62 OR CP88

6 lamp bar silver par 64 – CP60, CP61, CP62 OR CP88

4 lamp bar black par 64 – CP60, CP61, CP62, CP88 or ACL

4 lamp bar silver par 64 – CP60, CP61, CP62, CP88 or ACL

Par 64 long nose black – CP60, CP61, CP62 OR CP88

Floor can silver par 64 – CP60, CP61, CP62 OR CP88

Par 30 kit – 70W CDMT

Par 20 kit – 35W CDMT

Pin spot bannk 4 x 30W white

Thomas silver par 36 pin spot

Birdie silver MR16 8.5W LED – DImmable

Supplied with colour frames, hook clamps & bonds


Thomas Pars DPL Production Lighting hire

Molefay 4 x 650W

Molefay 4 x 650W linear

Micro bright 2 x 250W MR16

Coda cyc flood 500W (single)


Studio Due DPL Production Lighitng Thomas Pars DPL Production Lighting hire

HQT1 400W & 150W (cast) black

HQT1 15OW (cast) silver

Par 64 Long nose exterior (Thomas)

Par 64 Short nose exterior (Thomas)

Wet Light 300W (with colour frame)

Studio LED 600

Citycolour 1800

Citycolour mini

Fluorescents – 4ft singles & twins

Twin head emergency fittings

Maintained emergency exit signs


Robert Juliat at DPL Production Lighting hire

Robert Juliat Cyrano 2.5K MSR followspot kit

Robert Juliat SuperKorrigan 1.2K followspot kit

Inse 10000 halogen follow spot kit


Studio Due DPL Production Lighitng Martin Logo DPL Production Lighting

Space Flower

UV Cannon 400W

Martin Atomic 3000 strobe


Reel EFX DPL Production Lighting Look Solutions DPL Production Lighting

DF50 hazer

Unique hazer

ZR12 DMX smoke machine

AF1 DMX fan kit

18 inch 3 speed fan


Propelex rack splitter buffer 2 in 8 way

Avolites truss splitter buffer 6 x 5 pin

Chroma Q buffer 4 x 5 pin

Luminex DMX 8 (Artnet to 8 universe DMX node)

Artistic License Uplynx kit

Artistic License Downlynx kit

Enttec DMX streamer kit

WDMX Transmitter/ receiver

LanBox LCX

kit includes PSU, 16A and 13A IEC lead


Avolites Art 2000 48 way T4 dimmer chassis kit – distro modules available

Avolites Art 2000 24 way T2 dimmer chassis kit – distro modules available

IP65 DMX dimmer 16A single channel

Avolites power cube dimmer 63A 3ph

Anytonics Quad dim 4 x 10A DMX dimmer – 32A single feed supplied with each 16A adaptor

DPL Production Lighting Limited were established in Essex, in 1989 by it’s current MD who is still very much involved in the day to day running of the business. DPL Production Lightings core business is Essex Lighting Hire; we are one of the premier sources of professional lighting hire & lighting equipment rental in London & the South East. DPL work with clients in many markets including local authorities (Southend Christmas lights switch on), festivals (Damned Dead Circus in Eastwood Essex), concerts & tours (often working in Essex venues in Brentwood, Basildon, Southend, Colchester and all over Essex), stage show lighting, live music event lighting, arena shows, outdoor events, conferences, theater school productions, theatres, private parties, weddings, award ceremonies, conferences, fashion shows and corporate events. We also provide Lighting & rigging solutions for shopping centres and retailers in Essex, Kent & The South East.

DPL carry a large inventory of industry leading, professional Lighting Hire equipment to service their Essex Lighting Hire clients as well as truss, rigging, electrical distribution and effects from brands which include Vari-Lite, Robe, Martin/ Mac, James Thomas Engineering, Tomcat, Slick, CM Lodestar, Prolyte, MilosChroma Q, Studio Due, Robert Juliat, High End Systems, Avolites, Green Hippo, Arri, ETC, Zero 88, LanBox Products, Tomcat, Slick, CM Lodestar, Prolyte & Milos

Essex Lighting hire and lighting equipment hire is DPL’s core business, as well as range of associated services which include: set & stage design, rigging and technical production for Live Events . DPL also provide lighting equipment hire, Lighting Design, Set and Stage Lighting, Concert Lighting & Technical Production services for Live TV Broadcasts, Live & web streamed radio broadcasts, Outdoor Events, Festivals & Concerts and Theater Productions. We also cater for Private parties/ Party Lights, wedding lights, fashion show lighting, conference lighting, corporate event lighting as well as PR & marketing events and press launches in London, Essex, Kent and across the UK. We’ve also been involved in many iconic building launches and specialist bespoke lighting design solutions for brands and individuals.

Our comprehensive inventory means that we can supply multiple Live Events and touring shows simultaneously, whether it be a in small venue, an arena/stadium or school theatre; we are committed to offering the same levels of service and attention to detail regardless of the size of your project and offer solutions to match all budgets.