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3D Design Service

WYSIWYG What You See is What You Get 


WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), part of DPL’s Technical Production Services,  is an Emmy and Gemini award-winning software suite that continues to be the top choice of production professionals worldwide. Some of the prestigious events that wysiwyg (3D Design Service) has contributed to include the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, Eurovision Song Contest, the Queen’s Jubilee at Buckingham Palace, numerous Olympics ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium, and concert productions for U2 and Elton John and the Michael Jackson tribute concerts in the Millenium Stadium Cardiff (that was one of ours) give us a call for a free estimate.

wysiwyg (3D Design Service), is designed specifically for production professionals, offers a customized 3D CAD application with libraries of relevant equipment, including fixtures, truss, gels, gobos, etc. and an integrated paperwork database. With the addition of isometric and shaded views, wysiwyg Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment. This 3D CAD suite with integrated paperwork and rendering engines is the ideal solution for users looking for an all-inclusive production design tool.

DPL use wysiwyg (3D Design Service) to win projects and to coordinate and gain the confidence of production teams by presenting photo-realistic renderings of our proposed designs. We offer this service as a standalone “product” or as part of a bigger project. Contact DPL Production Lighting to find out more.

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